Sundborn - Carl Larsson

Sundborn is a high quality outdoor furniture collection with a characteristic design from the beginning of the 20th century. The furniture are locally crafted of premium twig free Nordic pine and treated with sustainable linseed oil paint that breathes, making maintenance easy and allowing the furniture to last for generations. The ergonomically optimized design guarantees high sitting comfort. The foldability facilitates transport and storing. Bolts and screws are made of stainless/A4 steel. Read more of maintenance…

Garden Furniture Sundborn

Carl Larsson Gården - Sundborn

Similar traditional garden furniture can be seen on the paintings from the famous home of the artist couple Karin and Carl Larsson in Sundborn. The Westanqvarn® Sundborn collection is marketed in co-operation with Carl Larsson-gården Sundborn together with Rights & Brands. By purchasing these products you contribute in preserving the cultural heritage of Carl and Karin Larsson and the homestead museum in Sundborn.

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  • klassiska trädgårdsmöbler
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